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My name is Darwin Binesh and you're watching me build this blog in (pretty much) real-time.

The intention is for what I build here to become something of a hub for my personal thoughts on history, philosophy and business (not necessarily in that order though).

My approach is to separate online platforms for the different subjects about which I write.

darwinb.com - for instance - is intended to be more on the business side. This site is more personal. Reflections especially will be covered here, from my mind to your eyes through my fingers.

Here's an example of a reflection I wrote after leaving a business development role at LNG Studios 👇

LNG Studios - Role Reflection
LNG Studios - Role Reflection

I don't now if future examples will be as detailed, but it should give you a good idea of my style and the kinds of content I'll be sharing.


Over the years I've collected lists of different readings that have helped me. The ones below are on business.

All credit to the original writers and curators of this amazing resource. 👇

Readings for Business People.
Readings for Business People.

Now I'm going to take some time and build the rest of this. Don't mind any random changes you see all over the place.

This was built using super.so - the fastest platform I've ever used to launch a website.

All my best.

Latest Posts:

There is a mental model I've recently prescribed to called Inversion. The model is simple. Rather than chasing big goals in step one, do the opposite. Start by avoiding stupidity.

Read more about it here:

Inversion Mental Model
Inversion Mental Model

The next post covers the theory of working like an athlete trains.

  • Reflection, iteration, and continuous improvement help us do more in less time.
  • The idea of "balance" can be counteracted by improved productivity. T
  • Achievement creates confidence.
  • Confidence helps us move past the idea of work-life balance to just "life."
  • Read here 👇

Drawing Lines: Balancing Personal and Professional Identities
Drawing Lines: Balancing Personal and Professional Identities

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