Inversion Mental Model

Inversion Mental Model

Making Hard Things Easy:

Goals are often written as things we need to achieve. They’re in aspirational language.

  • Make $1M
  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Read 1 book a week

But what if I told you that this method has a huge gap for us when we’re first starting out.

How do you go from $100k to $1M just like that? It's not that easy.

But working backwards helps. It's how I ended up doing deals with billion dollar companies.

The Opposite of Success:

Making money, losing weight, building habits are nice ideas.

Try this instead: look at what guarantees failure.

  • How do I go broke?
    • Zero calls, emails, content and sales.
  • How do I gain weight?
    • Don't exercise, consume more calories than I burn, sit all day.
  • How can I not read a book a week?
    • Don't read.

Pretty obvious so far. Here's the best part.

Minimum Viable Action:

We build habits, processes, and systems to achieve goals when we start something new.

Starts with a single action that moves you in the right direction.

By clarifying the opposite of what we want to achieve, we set a benchmark for how to start.

Early-stage goals become easier to define.

  • Publish 1 thing every day.
  • Exercise for just 10min.
  • Read 5 pages from a 30 page book.

See where it's going yet? This is a mental model called Inversion ➡️

The Power of Avoiding Stupidity:

"All I want to know is where I'll die - so I never go there." - Charlie Munger.

It seems backwards to focus on what not to do. But it helps. I'm doing it now while I write this.

Instead of over analyzing and feeling paralyzed, focus on the now and get more done.

Don't overthink it. Just literally avoid what guarantees you fail. Less time being brilliant, more time avoiding obvious stupidity.

Suddenly, it's easier to start moving in the right trajectory.

Focus on Done.

I closed a deal with one particular company that was a big deal (for me) in my last role.

The biggest yoga/athliesure clothing brand in Canada. Maybe the world. It's called Lululemon.

We had our call, I sent my notes, and within that email I laid out my proposal.

No document, no design, just text. An email with a summary of notes, my proposed solution, the price, and key terms. Wrote and sent within 20min of the call.

3 calls and 4 emails later I won the deal.

Here's how Inversion helped ➡️

Slow by Choice is a Mistake:

Early in my career I spent so much time writing proposals no one read. Waste of time.

Speed is king. The client was interested on Zoom. Why wait? They knew the terms wanted the next steps right away.

No wasted time was better for everyone.

They knew what they wanted so it's not like I'm a sales genius.

Just did the right things, quickly, and didn't bother fussing over details that didn't matter.

When you know where you'll die, you won't go there. Just don't go there.

Spend less time trying to be brilliant and more time trying to avoid obvious stupidity.

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